Our Agency welcomes the opportunity to review your book ideas, and encourages you to submit a query letter or book proposal to us via email (staff@mcbridelit.com). In the subject line, please include your name and the title of your work.

EMAIL: staff@mcbridelit.com

For works of fiction, or for novel-format works including memoirs, please submit a query letter and include the first 20 pages of your manuscript in the body of the email.

For works of nonfiction, please send a query letter in the body of your email and attach your book proposal as a Word or PDF doc. Your book proposal should include a 1-4 page overview of the book, information regarding your author platform, a promotion/marketing plan, chapter summaries, and at least two sample chapters. We have included general proposal guidelines below. For more detailed information about book proposals, we recommend Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine-Herman's Write the Perfect Book Proposal.

In your query letter, please provide a brief synopsis of your work (at least 1-2 paragraphs), as well as any pertinent information about yourself, such as your credentials or expertise in the subject you have chosen to write about and your previous writing experience, if applicable. If we are excited about your subject matter, the quality of your writing, and if we feel we can successfully market your work, we will request more information, such as a complete manuscript.

Due to the volume of query letters we receive, we ask that you allow six to eight weeks for a response to queries and to requested material. In the meantime, please inform us if you receive interest from other agents, or if you have contracted with another agent.

Please don't call us to pitch your work or request a meeting prior to submitting your written work.


Please make sure your manuscript or proposal follows our formatting preferences:

  • Word or PDF document

  • 12 point font

  • 1-inch margins (minimum)

  • 1.5 or double-spaced text

  • indented paragraphs

  • consecutively numbered pages

  • Please don't use Comic Sans or Papyrus font--EVER!


We require a complete book proposal for all works of nonfiction.

Overview: this is a synopsis of the book and typically “pitches” the idea to the publisher; it is a brief statement (1-4 pages) of the project’s overall concept and why there is a need for the book.

Marketing and Promotional Plan: the author should explain how he/she plans to market or promote the book, whether through speaking engagements, online marketing, seminars, videos, television appearances, radio, advertisement, etc.

Competitive Title Analysis: this is a list of other published books (no more than 5) that cover similar subject matter. The author should be convincing about how his/her book is unique in its approach, style and subject, and why it will stand out. There is no need to bash other books on similar subject matters; simply make a case for what sets your book apart from them.

Author Bio: This shows the publisher that the author has the research, background and/or credentials to write this book.

Introduction to the book: This should be written as you would like it to appear in a published book.

Chapter Summaries: Give the publisher a glance at how the entire book will read. One paragraph per chapter is adequate. This lets the publisher know you have the book planned from beginning to end.

Sample Chapters: At least two complete sample chapters should be provided in the proposal.

Attachments: The author should attach any relevant supplementary information she/he has about the book project, including speaking and seminar schedules, sales figures for previously published books, a press kit and a clientele list if applicable.

If you have any questions about any of the information above, please email staff@mcbridelit.com